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Navratri is a major Hindu festival. Navratri is a Sanskrit word meaning 'nine nights'. Nine forms of Shakti/Devi are worshiped during these nine nights and ten days. The tenth day is famous as Dussehra. Navratri comes four times a year. It is celebrated from Pratipada to Navami in the months of Magha, Chaitra, Ashadha and Ashwin.

Navratri Special Launch Latest Album Song

During the nine nights of Navratri, the nine forms of the three goddesses – Mahalakshmi, Mahasaraswati or Saraswati and Mahakali – are worshipped, whose names and places are Nanda Devi Yogamaya, Raktadanthika, Shakambari, Durga, Bhima and Bhramari respectively as Navadurga. Navratri is an important major festival that is celebrated with great fervor across India.

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Navratri is celebrated in different ways in different parts of India. This festival is celebrated with great pomp in Gujarat. Navratri celebrations in Gujarat are known as Dandiya and Garba. It lasts all night. The Dandiya experience is exceptional. Garba, as a devotional performance in honor of the Goddess, is performed before the 'Aarti' and is followed by the Dandiya ceremony. Among the major festivals of Bengalis in the state of West Bengal, Durga Puja has emerged as the most decorated form in the Bengali calendar. This magnificent celebration is celebrated throughout the month by lighting up the grand quarter of Mysore in the south.

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Navratri festival is a symbol of Goddess Amba. The onset of spring and the onset of autumn are considered significant confluences of climate and solar effects. These two times are considered auspicious occasions for worshiping Maa Durga. The festival dates are determined according to the lunar calendar. Navratri festival is considered as the most auspicious and unique period of devotion to the concept of Mother Durga and the worship of divine power. This worship has been going on since prehistoric times, even before the Vedic age. Since the Vedic age of sages, Gayatri Sadhana has been the main form of devotional practice during Navratri.

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During Navratri, huge fairs are held at the Shaktipithas and Siddhapithas of the goddess. All Shaktipeeths of Mother have different significance. But mother's nature is the same. A Vaishno Devi takes place somewhere near Jammu Katra. So somewhere he is worshiped as Chamunda. In Bilaspur, Himachal Pradesh, a mother's fair is held in the name of Naina Devi, while in Saharanpur, a large mother's fair is held in the name of Shakumbhari Devi. According to folk beliefs, people wish to please the mother by fasting on the day of Navratri, there is no provision for fasting in the religious scriptures of Hinduism.

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Autumn Navratri is coming after Pitrapaksha. Pratipada of Shukla Paksha of Ashwin month from Monday i.e. Navratri will start from 26 September. It will end on 05 October. Nine forms of Maa Durga are worshiped during Navratri. By worshiping Maa Durga in this, the desired fruit is obtained and all the sorrows and miseries of life are removed. Astrologers say that Maiya Rani will come riding on an elephant during this year's autumn Navratri.

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Garba is a dance form that originates from the Indian state of Gujarat. The name is derived from the Sanskrit word Garbha. Many traditional Garbas are performed around a centrally lit lamp or a picture or idol of Goddess Shakti. Traditionally, it is performed during the nine-day Hindu festival Navratri. Either a lamp or an image of the goddess, Durga is placed in the center of concentric rings as an object of worship.

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