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You have seen many marriages but never seen such marriages


On the wife's birthday, the husband asked,
'Want a gift?'
The wife wanted a car, so she turned around and said,
Give me something that can go from 0 to 80 in under two seconds.
In the evening, her husband gave her a weighing fork.
Now the atmosphere in the house is serious.


Friend: Why did your wife kick you out of the house?
Minku: On your request, I gifted him a chain, so he kicked him out.
Friend: Was the chain silver?
Minku: No, it belonged to a bicycle.


Teacher: Chhagan, what are you doing sitting on the last floor every day?
Today I have to test your general knowledge. Who is bigger than the emperor?
Chagan: I am ripe for that. One greater than the emperor.


Raju: Man, someone seems to have had an accident there.
Pappu: Come quickly I want to see what happened?
After reaching there, if no one allowed Pappu to approach him, Pappu shouted loudly,
I am the father of the accident victim.
Hearing this, people gave way.
Pappu went closer and saw a donkey lying there.


Husband: Today my pocket is cut.
Wife: So did you write a police report or not?
Husband: No, it was sewn by a tailor.


Thieves came to steal in pappu's house.
Everyone was sleeping. But pappu saw the thieves.
When the thieves started running away, Pappu said,
Steal my office. Otherwise I will shout and catch you.'


Ramesh came to buy boots for the first time.
Ramesh: I made the shopkeeper an owl today.
Suresh: How?
Ramesh: I brought two foot boots for the price of one boot.
Suresh : They might have forgotten to write the price on the second boot.


Here is a glimpse of how a wife calls her husband for the first five years after marriage.
First Year : Janu.
Second Year: A G.
Third year: Are you listening?
Fourth year: O father of Lalu.
Fifth Year: Where did you die?


After returning from Nishala, Raghala said to his father,
Raghlo: Bapu my teacher beats me everyday.
Dad: Don't be afraid, you are a lion cub.
Raghlo: The teacher also says the same.
Dad: What?
Raghlo: The teacher says, you look like a child of an animal, you don't read anything.


Vijay and Ramesh went to the hotel.
After eating the ice cream, Ramesh started washing the spoon with water.
Seeing that, Vijay said: Alya, we don't have to wash the spoon. That is the work of the hotel man.
Ramesh said: The spoon can't be used without washing it, if you don't wash it, it will ruin your pocket!
latest gujarati jokes 2023


Husband (to wife): I am so tired of you that I pray to God every day that God calls me to you!
Wife: O Lord, first call me to you.
Husband: Prabho! Hear my wife's prayer,
I withdraw my application,
Ladies first.


Wife (beating her head): 'How unlucky I am to have a husband like you!
I used to get more suitable grooms than you.'
Husband: Yes, all of them will be right, so the poor thing escaped from your clutches.

Be careful with this zodiac sign before falling in love


Wife said at night while undressing: Do you know what you have to do?
Raju: Whatever happens, don't wash the clothes right now.

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Before adopting any health tips, consult a doctor. Because no one knows better than your doctor what is appropriate or how appropriate for your body

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