Maichong Cyclone Live Tracking

 Typhoon Maichong will hit within 24 hours: where will the devastation be? Heavy rain forecast in which states?

Michaung Cyclone Live Tracker

IMD Estimate Tornado Michaung Most recent News: In the event that it turns into a typhoon, Michaung will be the 6th twister of this current year in the Indian Sea and the fourth in the Narrows of Bengal.

  • IMD issued another cyclonic storm warning
  • The IMD expressed the possibility of a cyclonic storm in the forecast
  • Chance of cyclonic storm over south-west Bay of Bengal around December 3

IMD Figure Twister Michaung: The India Meteorological Division (IMD) has given an admonition for one more cyclonic tempest. The blustery name of this twister is Michaung. The IMD has communicated the chance of a cyclonic tempest in its figure delivered on Thursday. As per IMD, a cyclonic tempest is reasonable over South-West Straight of Bengal around December 3. Be that as it may, its effect might arrive at Odisha.

Michaung Live Tracking

According to a study, the intensity of cyclonic storms in the Arabian Sea increased by about 20 percent in the post-monsoon season and 40 percent in the pre-monsoon period. The number of cyclonic storms in the Arabian Sea has increased by 52 percent, while the number of very intense cyclonic storms has increased by 150 percent.

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What did the IMD scientist say?

Talking about the cyclonic storm, IMD scientist Umashankar Das said that the track and other parameters of a possible cyclone can be predicted only after the formation of a depression. So we have not said anything about the impact on Odisha or any other coastal location. He further said that there is no warning for the Odisha coast for the next four days. He said that there was no warning even for the fishermen off the Odisha coast.

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A cyclonic storm will hit Tamil Nadu on December 4

According to the IMD weather forecast, Tamil Nadu, which has been battling continuous rain for the past few days, is gearing up for a cyclonic storm. Cyclone Michaung is likely to hit the coast of Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh on the evening of December 4. Residents of north coastal Tamil Nadu, Puducherry and Karaikal are likely to experience very heavy rainfall (above 204.4 mm) on December 3 and heavy to very heavy rainfall on December 4, the IMD said in a post on Twitter.

If it becomes a cyclone, Michaung will be the sixth in the Indian Ocean this year and the fourth in the Bay of Bengal. This cyclonic storm has been named by Myanmar. The IMD has forecast rain activity over many parts of south including Tamil Nadu and Andaman and Nicobar Islands as well as Odisha. which has the possibility of a cyclone.

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