Best funny jokes teacher and student

Teacher: Tell me one place which is made by male but he can't go there, pappu replied that the teacher made the class monitor.

Best funny jokes teacher and student


One day pappu's wife checked his social media profile,

The wife angrily said to the father,

Pappu explained it by saying,

Hey madman, I am helping the Prime Minister to improve international relations.

After that day, Pappu's wife often tells her neighbors that,

Her husband helps the Prime Minister in work.


outside the temple

Beggar: Give me 10 rupees, may God keep your pair safe.

Bhuro: I am sorry.

Beggar: I am talking about your shoes.


The whole country is fighting with the wife today,

But remember we have to fight with the wife – not with the sister-in-law.

Don't discriminate against it, take care of it

And to escape from this wife who is our shield,

Like sister-in-law, brother-in-law, brother-in-law, friend etc. respect them, give them full support,

If you take care of these warriors, you will win the whole country with your wife.

Contact father-in-law or brother-in-law for more information.

Released in public interest by grieving husband…!!


Husband: Goes to the kitchen and his wife who is making roti,

He asks, what is this doing? Do not turn it, then the bread will burn, soon the bread will burn.

Wife (angry): Now you will teach me how to make roti?

Husband (smiling) : No, I want to show you that

How would I feel when I am driving and you are talking? 

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Quite possibly of the coolest thing about being a parent is seeing the manner in which children foster a funny bone. From the start, they can answer irrefutably the silliest jokes for youngsters. At the point when they start to rehash jokes all alone, they can get going by recalling the least complex, most conventional arrangements and zingers. At the point when they become more talented entertainers, they can recall longer stories and more muddled laying out stories. (Yet, a few things won't ever change: Regardless of how old they will be, they generally feel that goobers are interesting.)

The best jokes for youngsters in 2022 meet them where they're at, which is challenging to observe since humor can be so emotional. In the event that you're hoping to stimulate a kid's entertaining bones, you can get enlivened by the heap entertaining jokes for youngsters underneath. Whether you're searching for a fast arrangement zinger gag, an entertaining thump joke, a moan commendable father joke or a punny question for youngsters, there's certain to be something on this rundown that possesses all the necessary qualities. You can change them to accommodate your crowd, and be ready for the giggles — or eye-rolls — to come in.

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