Foreigners Singing Hanuman Chalisa Viral Video

When the devotion of India started speaking on the heads of foreigners, then it is good to hear and see. When foreigners are also seen taking part in any work related to Hindustani culture, tradition and religion, then it seems that our culture is capable of influencing everyone. That's why people from across the seven seas also get drawn here. If it is about Kashi, then what to say? People get completely immersed in the juice of devotion here.

Foreigners Singing Hanuman Chalisa Viral Video

Indian culture is highly appreciated not only in India but all over the world. In this sequence, a video of a foreign singer singing Hanuman Chalisa on social media is becoming increasingly viral. Actually, it is clearly visible in this video that a foreign girl is reciting Hanuman Chalisa in a very merry way. After seeing it, it can surely become anyone's day.

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Everyone must have heard Hanuman Chalisa, sometimes in a temple, sometimes in a movie, sometimes you must be humming it yourself, but when we hear this from the mouth of a foreigner, then we are very proud to be an Indian . Although you have heard Hanuman Chalisa many times in desi style till now but you have hardly heard any foreigner singing Hanuman Chalisa? If you have not heard this yet, then we have brought a similar video for you.

You will be stunned to see foreigners singing Hanuman Chalisa in the video shared on Twitter's @Lost_Girl_00. Sitting in the Sankatmochan temple of Varanasi, the foreign band recited Hanuman Chalisa to its tune, then the listeners also got pleasure. The foreign group introduced a different style by putting a rap version in Hanuman Chalisa. People are liking the video a lot.

The viral video is from the Sankatmochan temple of Kashi. While sitting in the courtyard, the women of the foreign band and some men taunted the Hanuman Chalisa, the listeners were mesmerized. When the woman started reciting Hanuman Chalisa in her own style with a tilak on her head and a guitar in her hand, it became difficult to understand for a while whether they were all Indians or foreigners. They just had a slightly different approach. Hanuman Chalisa was original, but it had a rap and modern tadka in it. He was singing Chalisa by drowning it not as a text but as a song.

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A woman with a guitar in her hand and two men trying different instruments together were showing the spirit of Indian culture and devotion. Which impressed the people immensely. People are also very fond of them on social media. At the same time, there are some users who were seen raising some objection due to not presenting Hanuman Chalisa in the familiar traditional style. So there were some people who urged to adopt newness happily. And emphasized on paying attention to the sense and sweetness that he has in this new style. The video has got more than 1,00,000 views.

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Before adopting any health tips, consult a doctor. Because no one knows better than your doctor what is appropriate or how appropriate for your body

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