Funny Jokes Wife and Husband

We all know how much happiness is necessary for our health. Being happy is very important to keep the mind healthy. Being happy solves most mental problems easily. That's why we bring you the jokes. You will not be able to stop yourself from being happy after reading these jokes.

Laughter is very important to be happy in today's busy life. If we keep smiling, our mind stays happy and sorrow stays away. If we keep smiling even in bad times, these times will pass quickly. Laughter can protect a person from serious diseases caused by mental stress. That's why we have brought you some funny jokes and jokes like every day to make you laugh, which will make you burst out laughing. So let's start the process of smiling and laughing…

A young man went for a ride by riding a bull on a bike trending video

Jokes 1

The girl called to herself,

Girl: I had a fight with him.

I am coming home for 3-4 months.

In: If he fights, he should also get the punishment.

You stay there, I am coming for 5-6 months.

Funny Jokes Wife and Mother in law

Jokes 2

Manharlal went to the tailor with safari suit cloth. The tailor measured a piece of cloth and said the cloth was too short.
Manharlal went to another tailor. The second tailor took the measurements of the cloth and Manharlal and said: Safari will be ready next Monday, take it.
On Monday, when Manharlal went to get a suit, he saw that the tailor's boy was standing wearing the same cloth shorts.
Manharlal took the suit and went to the first one who was the tailor
And said, you used to say that the cloth is decreasing but the other one sewed the suit and also made his boy's shorts.
1st Tailor: Yes, he makes shorts. Her boy is younger than my boy.

Jokes 4

Teacher: Where does electricity come from?
Brown : From Mama's house.
Teacher: How?
Bhuro: My father speaks when the lights go out
"My uncle cut the light back."

Gujarati Funny Jokes

Jokes 5

Teacher: What is the difference between radio and print?
Brown: It's easy…
You can wrap bags or parathas in the radio.


Funny Jokes

Wife: How would you take me out before marriage, hotels, movies, gardens.

Why forgot everything now…??

Husband: After Ellie lost the election

Have seen it being promoted somewhere!!!

Jokes 6

A crow married a swan
All the male crows were offended…
And said to the crow, What are we all dead?
Crow: Not like that dude…
I didn't want to do this marriage but dad wanted the boy to be in the Navy.

Jokes 7

Sir: Why is there space between our two fingers?
Bhago : E Saheb Aapde to drink beedi.

Jokes 8

Get into the rug and say to your girlfriend: I can do anything for you, Babu.
I will fight against the whole world
Hey bro… getting out of that rug
Gather the courage to speak.

Jokes 9

The security guard was asked in the interview
Can you speak English?
An uncle: Why are thieves coming from England?

This man turned an airplane into his home - video

Jokes 10

Dad: If your result is not good this time, forget that I am your father
Dad asks Chintu after the result
Chintu what was your result?
Chintu: Let the matter go Ramlal,
The brain has curdled.

Jokes 11

An ant once sat in a rickshaw with its legs out
Rickshaw driver: Why is the ant Benpag kept out?
Ant: You Chanmu's rickshaw hank... If you find an elephant, you have to beat it.
If my loser lost his eye.

Before adopting any health tips, consult a doctor. Because no one knows better than your doctor what is appropriate or how appropriate for your body

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Before adopting any health tips, consult a doctor. Because no one knows better than your doctor what is appropriate or how appropriate for your body

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