Gujarati Hindi English Funny Jokes

Laughing is very important to stay healthy. If you keep on laughing, both mind and body remain healthy. Laughter plays a big role in keeping us away from mental stress and anxiety. That's why we all should laugh regularly in the morning and evening.

Gujarati Hindi English Funny Jokes

Laughter can also save a person from many serious diseases. That's why we bring you viral jokes and jokes every day to make you laugh. Even today, we have brought some funny jokes, after reading which you will burst out laughing. So what's the delay, let's go on the journey of laughing and laughing...

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Jokes 1

Bucko (in Nepali) : You are American right!!
Nepali : No, I am from Nepal.
Bucko : No two… you are an American!!!
Nepali: Oh, what a joke! I say I am Nepali!
Bucko : No…No… You're an American!
Nepali (angry) : Yes, I am an American, what will he do!!
Bako : But you look like a Nepali!!

Jokes 2

A girl was traveling in a crowded bus.
Suddenly the driver braked.
A boy's hand touched a girl's.
Girl: Stand comfortably.
Boy: Sorry.
Then when the brake was applied again, the hand fell again.
Girl: You are not doing well.
Boy : Ma'am, it couldn't be better in a crowded bus.

Jokes 3

Pappu : Papa our new neighbor is very poor.
Dad: How do you know?
Pappu: His son swallowed a 1 rupee coin.
So his mother is crying and crying, for 1 rupee.

Jokes 4

Wife: You have become very fat.
Husband: How fat you have become.
Wife: But I am going to be in.
Husband: So I am also going to be a father.

Jokes 5

Wife was in ICU.
The husband's condition worsened due to crying.
Doctor said: We are trying our best.
But she can't say anything, maybe she is in coma.
Now everything is in God's hands.
Husband said: Still she is only 40.
Then a miracle appeared. Heart rate started to increase,
The wife's finger moved, lips moved and a voice came,
I am 36 years old.

Jokes 6

Chintu went to the tailor and asked him: How much is the pant stitch?
Tailor: 300 rupees.
Chintu: And Nikkari?
Tailor: 100 rupees.
Chintu (thinking for a while) : So just sew Nikkar,
But make the length up to the feet.

Jokes 7

Pappu went to buy a painting.
Salesman: This is a painting worth 10 thousand rupees, it will enhance the beauty of your home.
Pappu: Well, what is so special about this?
Salesman : Sir this is made of oil paint.
Pappu : Don't worry about money, if there is any painting in desi ghee, show me, doctor has told me to stay away from oily thing.

Jokes 8

Bucko was selling parachutes.
Bucko: It's easy, jump from the airship.
Press the button and land safely on the ground.
Customer: And if the parachute doesn't open??
Bucko : So money back!!

Jokes 9

Always do good deeds and don't worry about the fruits,
What to do with fruit anxiety? It is also available in the market.

Gujarati Hindi English Funny Jokes

Jokes 10

Bhago : Alya baka why was your bairu boomabum yesterday??
Bako: Nothing... mistakenly replaced his photo on Facebook
If put on OLX!!!!

Jokes 11

Lazy son: Mom, give me a glass of water
In: stand up and drink by yourself.
Lazy son: Please give it here..
Me: If you say it again, I will slap you.
Lazy son: Okay, come and take water when you get dressed.

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Jokes 12

Husband and wife were eating Panipuri in the same plate.
The husband started looking into his wife's eyes.
The wife said shyly: What are you looking at like this?
The husband said: eat slowly fat, I am standing holding a plate in my hand but it is not my turn.

Jokes 13

Husband: What if we keep a maid to work?
Wife: No, I don't want to.
Husband: Why?
Wife: I know your writing.
You know I was also a maid before.

Before adopting any health tips, consult a doctor. Because no one knows better than your doctor what is appropriate or how appropriate for your body

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Before adopting any health tips, consult a doctor. Because no one knows better than your doctor what is appropriate or how appropriate for your body

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