Latest Gujarati Jokes Collection

We all know how much happiness is necessary for our health. Being happy is very important to keep the mind healthy. Being happy solves most mental problems easily. That's why we bring you the jokes. You will not be able to stop yourself from being happy after reading these jokes.

Latest Gujarati Jokes Collection

Laughter is very important to be happy in today's busy life. If we keep smiling, our mind stays happy and sorrow stays away. If we keep smiling even in bad times, these times will pass quickly. Laughter can protect a person from serious diseases caused by mental stress. That's why we have brought you some funny jokes and jokes like every day to make you laugh, which will make you burst out laughing. So let's begin the process of smiling and laughing.

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The wife called her husband.
Husband: I am in office, very busy.
What is the ball?
Wife: I'm sitting right behind you at McDonald's.
And the children are asking that
Dad is sitting with which foiba???
what can i say??


Nirmal got 2 crore lottery.
Lottery winners: You will get 1.75 crore after tax.
Nirmal: This is wrong, give me full 2 ​​crores.
Otherwise give me back 100 rupees of my ticket.


Santa : I got a BMW at the wedding.
Banta: But there is no car with you!!
Santa: Hey BMW means,
Very big wife!!!


Beggar: Sethji give 50 rupees.
Seth: Why so much money?
Beggar: I want to talk to my girlfriend by recharging my phone.
Seth: Girlfriend of a beggar too?
Beggar: Sir, the girlfriend's expense has made you a beggar.


A teacher was showing group photos to the children in class.
Teacher: Children, when you all grow up, look at this picture and say,
Here is Raju who left for America,
Here is Ravi, who now works in London and
This is Nandu who belongs here and remains here.
Hearing this, Nandu said: And here is our madam, who has passed away.
(Nanduni washed properly after that)

Latest Gujarati Jokes Collection


Railway TT : Show ticket, where to go?
Pintu: Where Rama was born.
Railway TT: You have to show the ticket to the destination.
Pintu : No ticket sir.
Railway TT : So let's go.
Pintu: But where sir?
Railway TT : Where Lord Krishna was born.


The father saw the son buttoning the jeans.
Father: Son, we have arranged your marriage.
Even though the daughter-in-law has come home, you are still buttoning your own pants.
Son: You are thinking wrong.
Here I am sewing the button of his jeans.
Father unconscious.


While worshiping in the temple, a greedy village woman said to the Lord,
Lord, how many years is one second to you?
God said: Equal to millions of years.
Again the woman said: And how many crores of rupees exactly?
God said: Ratti is fine.
The greedy woman said: Give me a ratti too.
God said: If you wait in the temple for a second, I will bring you now.
That covetous woman became dry and reached heaven from there.


Brother: Why are you crying?
Sister: My percentage in the exam is very low.
Brother: What percentage came?
Sister : Only 90%.
Brother: Sister, have mercy, in this percentage two boys like me pass.


Ramu: What do you want to be in your next birth?
Shyamu: Cockroach.
Ramu: Why?
Shyamu : Because my wife is only afraid of cockroaches.

If the mobile cover turns yellow clean it like this


Student (to teacher) : Miss did you call me yesterday?
Teacher: Otherwise, why what happened?
Student: Great…
Miss Call was written on my phone.

Before adopting any health tips, consult a doctor. Because no one knows better than your doctor what is appropriate or how appropriate for your body

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Before adopting any health tips, consult a doctor. Because no one knows better than your doctor what is appropriate or how appropriate for your body

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