Never drink water after drinking tea

Friends, tea is a common addiction of most people today. People's day does not start without that. Hence they want tea as soon as they wake up. Many people need tea every now and then. But many people like to drink water immediately after drinking tea. which is harmful to you. Let's know about it in detail.

Never drink water after drinking tea

Often you have heard the elders of the house saying that one should not drink water after tea. We ignore it as a myth, but doing so is actually harmful. Drinking water after tea is bad for health. No one says this in air, but there are scientific reasons behind it. Let us know why it is forbidden to drink water after tea and what harm it can cause.

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A cup of strong tea can soothe the heart as well as harm the health. However, some people feel thirsty after drinking tea. So drink water immediately or after 10-15 minutes. But drinking hot tea and cold water at the same time proves to be harmful not only for the teeth but also for the stomach. Today let us tell you how drinking cold water after hot tea can be dangerous for you.

Why do you feel thirsty after drinking tea?

According to experts, about 50 mg in a cup of tea. Contains caffeine which acts as a diuretic. This leads to quick urination. And also feels thirsty. Due to excessive diuresis there is sometimes water loss in the body. Which is not good for health.

Tooth damage

Drinking water after tea damages the teeth. Drinking water after tea has a direct effect on our teeth. The outer layer of the tooth i.e. the enamel is affected by heat followed by cold. Actually, enamel acts like a shield for the teeth. Exposure to heat after cold can damage the enamel. Drinking water after tea can also weaken the gums. Due to which the problem of sensitivity also starts.

Cause of Ulcer

Drinking water after tea is also harmful for the digestive system. Drinking water over tea increases the risk of ulcers. Drinking cold water after tea causes acidity problems in many people. If this problem continues, there is a danger of serious diseases like ulcers.

Trouble with cold

You must have heard about cold and flu due to change in weather. This happens due to changes in body temperature. Drinking water after tea causes a sudden change in temperature. Due to which cold and sore throat can be a problem.

Bleeding from the nose

Many people experience nosebleeds during summer days. This is not due to heat, but due to sudden changes in cold and hot temperatures. Drinking cold water after tea can lead to nosebleeds.

Heart failure

According to research, drinking normal cold or refrigerated water after hot tea also increases the risk of heart failure. Apart from this, one should not go anywhere from too much sun to AC. This also increases the risk of heart failure.

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Drink water before drinking tea

Ideally, you should drink water 30 to 50 minutes before drinking tea. However, when you drink 1 glass of water before tea and coffee, the acidity level in the body is reduced. Due to this there is no fear of stomach gas, acidity, cancer, ulcers.

How long after drinking tea should one drink water?

Do not drink water immediately after tea or any hot drink. Staying in this habit for a long time can also cause damage. Generally one should drink water at least 15-20 minutes after drinking any kind of hot drink. Also, one should not drink more than 2-3 cups of tea in a whole day.

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Thus, water should generally never be drunk after drinking tea. Because tea is hot and drinking cold water from above will worsen the temperature of the mouth. This can cause problems like toothache. And there may be problems like stomach pain, stomach related illness. So as far as possible after drinking tea you should not drink water.

Before adopting any health tips, consult a doctor. Because no one knows better than your doctor what is appropriate or how appropriate for your body

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Before adopting any health tips, consult a doctor. Because no one knows better than your doctor what is appropriate or how appropriate for your body

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