Gujarat Famous Top 10 Beach

Nine of the total 28 states of India have coastlines. In which the country's longest coastline of about 1,600 kilometers extends around Gujarat. 15 districts of the state are connected to the coast, also no part of the state is more than 160 km from the coast. Enriched with vast seas, Gujarat has many coastlines, where temples of mythological majesty, forts and monuments bear witness to the historical heritage.

Gujarat best top 10 beach

Gujarat has the country's longest coastline of 1600 km. While beaches are the center of attraction for beachgoers, there are many beaches in Gujarat that can be called Sohamana and Sugad. Away from the hectic life of the city, the sea provides silent peace and natural warmth.

1. Mandvi Beach

Mandvi Beach

Mandvi means Jakatanaku by Rao Khengarji of Kutch in AD. Mandvi city was founded in 1580. At that time Mandvi was a bustling port. So according to the Hindu epic Mahabharata, this beach had to be named after the sage Mandvya. If you want to spend early morning and evening time in the presence of nature with sunrise and sunset, then definitely visit this beach. Places to visit here include the Vijay Vilas Palace, the three-storied palace built by Rao Lakhpat, the fort and the Diwandadi. There are several resorts right on the beach to stay here, so you can enjoy living by the sea. Being the birthplace of Pandit Shyamji Krishna Varma, the son of India and a revolutionary, his ossuary was brought here from Geneva and a revolutionary memorial has been constructed here.

2. Pingleshwar Beach

Pingleshwar Beach

The address of the quiet place is Pingaleshwar Beach near Mandvi in Kutch. As the sand color of this beach is golden, the view of sunrise and sunset is worth enjoying here. Pingaleshwar Mahadev Temple located near here is believed to be 700 years old. As the color of the Shivling installed in the temple here is yellow, it is called Pingaleshwar Mahadev. It is also believed that the size of Shivlinga in this temple is increasing every year. With activities like boating, surfing, parasailing, and windmills, this beach is quiet yet bustling.

3. Shivrajpur Beach

Shivrajpur Beach

Located 12 kilometers from Dwarka city and on the Dwarka-Okha highway, this beach holds the status of a Blue Flag beach. This beach has gained international fame due to various criteria including clean water. The crystal clear water and white sand as well as the wildlife visible to the naked eye make a trip to this beach a memorable one. Besides, various activities including water sports have also been developed here. There are many religious places nearby including the famous Krishna temple of Dwarka, Rukmani temple, Bet Dwarka, Gomti river.

4. Okha Madhi Beach

Okha Madhi Beach

Okha Marhi Beach, 25 km from Dwarka and 78 km from Porbandar, is a lesser known but calm place. The sea water here is clean but swimming in this sea is not advisable due to rough waves. If you want to enjoy nature and are looking for a secluded place, then this sea will provide you good company. This beach is known for its turtle breeding center. If you are visiting Dwarka temple or going to Porbandar then you can also include this beach in your tourist destination list.

5. Madhavpur Beach

Madhavpur Beach

At a distance of only 58 km from Porbandar, the beach near Ghed village is known as Madhavpur Beach. There are places of interest like the very ancient temple of Krishna-Rukmani, Osho meditation centre, caves with sculptures, forts and a turtle breeding centre. Due to which visitors can cultivate a connection with nature along with the pleasure of the sea here.

6. Dumas Beach

Dumas Beach

About 21 km from Surat city, the beach of Dumas is popular among locals as it is a sandy beach. The specialty of this beach is that black sand is found here. There are various attractions for tourists including camel riding, horse riding. There are many rumors about this beach on the internet as a ghost beach. In fact, there are many rumors about this beach due to the lack of electricity or other facilities at first and the belief that there was a crematorium here years ago. Devotees have special faith in the Ganesha temple on the coast here.

7. Tithal Beach

Tithal Beach

The lake of Tithal is famous as a scenic spot in South Gujarat. Located about 5 km from Valsad town, this beach is known for its black soil. Famous as a tourist destination, this place is also developing as a pilgrimage destination. 1.5 km from here is the Dakshinesai temple and 1.6 km to the north is the Swaminarayan temple of the Aksharpurushottam Bochasanvasi sect. The view of the vast ocean from these two temples is also a sight to be enjoyed. Also the Tadkeshwar Mahadev temple is famous for the sleeping Shivling here. The specialty of the temple is that there is no roof on the temple and the rays of the sun fall on the Shivling. It is famous as the temple of Tadkeshwar Mahadev as the sun rays constantly touch the Shivlinga.

8. Suvali Beach

Suvali Beach

This beach is located at a distance of approximately 25 km from Surat city. Located near Suwali village of Hazira suburb, this beach is known as Black Sand Beach due to its black sand. As this beach is relatively less crowded, those who want to go to a quiet beach can include this beach in their sightseeing list. This place is becoming popular for pre-wedding photoshoots.

9. Mahuva Beach

Mahuva Beach

Mahuva beach is located at a distance of 96 km from Bhavnagar city. The place is known as the Kashmir of Saurashtra due to its green area and pleasant cool climate. A very ancient temple of Bhavani Mata is located here. Due to which this beach is also known as Bhavani Beach. Apart from the beach, there are sightseeing and sightseeing places like Takhteshwar Mahadev Temple, Gandhi Smriti Museum, Victoria Park, Aksharvadi Swaminarayan Temple, Gauri Shankar Temple.

10. Ahmedpur Beach

Ahmedpur Beach

Ahmedpur Mandvi Beach is located near the border of Union Territory of Diu and in Una taluka. This beach is one of the most beautiful beaches in Saurashtra with its six kilometer long coastline. This beach attracts tourists because of its clear water and sandy soil. Also, the water here is shallow like the sea of Diu and Goa, so this sea is suitable for water sports activities. The water sports activities available here double the thrill of adventure lovers. Dolphins are also often spotted here.

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