Hanuman jyanti Weekly Horoscope 2024

According to Vedic astrology, change in zodiac sign affects a person's life. This zodiac change proves to be auspicious for some and inauspicious for others. According to astrology, the luck of this zodiac sign will open after Hanuman Jayanti, because Hanuman Jayanti is on 23rd April and Venus will enter Aries at 12:07 pm on 25th April. Which will remain in this zodiac sign till 19th May. Therefore, this transit has an auspicious effect on this zodiac sign.

Hanuman jyanti Weekly Horoscope 2024

Mars will transit on Tuesday i.e. 23 April 2024. On the day of Chaitri Purnima, Mars will leave Saturn's second zodiac sign Aquarius and enter Jupiter's second zodiac sign Pisces at 9.30 pm. Mars is the significator of land, buildings, vehicles, valor, victory, fame, war, adventure, life, power, anger and excitement. With the entry of Mars in Pisces, there will be a conjunction with Rahu who is already transiting in Pisces, due to which the effect of Mars will change. Mars will establish its influence by staying in Pisces till June 1, 2024. The effect of this change of Mars will be visible on the whole world. Also, the influence of each caste can be seen in the zodiac signs.


There may be an increase in bravery or tension in social prestige. You may win the competition. Defeat diseases, enemies and debts. Your morale decreases and confusion increases. Travel expenses. Stomach and leg problems can increase stress, as well as the possibility of injury or surgery.


Your financial matters will improve. There will be progress in money related work. Business may improve and intensity of speech may increase. There has been improvement in the education sector. Can conquer enemies. Expenses on your life partner's health may increase. There may be normal progress in family matters. You will get good news from children.


There may be a change in job or business. Economic matters may improve. Anger and mental confusion may increase. Chest problem. Heart patients should be careful. Positive changes are coming in the matter of education. You will hear good news from your children. There may be hindrance in hard work due to health.


Increase in bravery and social prestige. Positive change comes with the support of brothers, sisters and friends. Sudden increase in anger. Garuk or vehicles increase happiness. There will be a possibility of a long journey. You may get support from luck in your work. Time will be favorable for people working in the field of education. Time will be good for people working in the technology sector.


Your financial matters will improve. The harshness of speech may increase. Stress regarding family work. Social matters increase. There may be tension regarding home and vehicle comfort. There will be concern about mother's health. There may be change or growth in technical business. Stomach and leg problems cause stress. Control your speech.


There may be a situation of tension regarding family matters. There may be harshness or bitterness in speech. Complications may increase. You can gain financial benefits by using technology. Obstruction in hard work. Tension arises in married life. Increase in anger. There is a possibility of a love relationship getting spoiled. Also be aware of the work done in partnership.


Transit of Venus may be auspicious for you. If you want to apply for government jobs between April 25 and May 19, then the time is good. You can get the desired result. Those who are involved in education and competition will get success, do not stop trying. Marriage matters can be finalized due to the auspicious influence of Venus.


You will receive good news from your children. Long pending work will be completed. The day of Hanuman Janmotsav will be auspicious for you. Job search will be completed. It is going to be auspicious for people of Scorpio zodiac even after Hanuman Janmotsav.


The transit of Venus may bring success for you. People associated with education and competition can get some big achievement. This is the right time for a love marriage, your plan may be successful. Employed people will have good relations with their boss. Those who want to start new work should go ahead, you are likely to get success.


The transit of Venus may give you some good news. After April 25, if you want to buy property or buy a new car, then you can be successful in it. Disputes related to property may also end and you are expected to benefit from it. Time is good for people associated with politics.


Hanuman Janmotsav will prove lucky for Aquarius people. People associated with politics will get respect in the society. Businessman's income will increase. Mother's health will be good. This is a good time for investment.


Ganeshji says that today can be a mixed day. Maintaining it well depends on your ability. The disputes that have been going on between close relationships for some time can now be resolved with someone's intervention. Receiving some sad news will have an effect of disappointment and negative thinking in the mind for some time. Soon you will gain control over your emotions. The advice and guidance of family elders will also prove useful for you. There will be an impact of current circumstances in business. The atmosphere at home will remain pleasant due to mutual cooperation between husband and wife.

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Disclaimer: The information given here is based on astrological calculations, Webraintech does not confirm the approximate facts given here. Consult relevant experts before complying.

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Before adopting any health tips, consult a doctor. Because no one knows better than your doctor what is appropriate or how appropriate for your body

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