Cinnamon Benefits and Side Effects

There are many spices present in the Indian kitchen which are used for health along with the taste of food. And cinnamon is one of those spices. Cinnamon is usually used in cooking for taste and flavor. But this is not all, with this spice one can keep oneself away from many diseases. Consuming cinnamon tea can help in reducing weight and controlling diabetes. The medicinal properties found in cinnamon make it different from the rest. So let's know the properties and benefits and disadvantages found in it.

Cinnamon Benefits and Side Effects

Properties like amino acids, anti-oxidants, fiber, manganese, iron, calcium, vitamin K, copper, potassium, magnesium, phosphorus and vitamin B6 are found in cinnamon which can help in providing many benefits to the body.

Benefits of Cinnamon

Consumption of cinnamon is helpful in reducing increased cholesterol. Consuming cinnamon tea daily can help control cholesterol.

Consuming cinnamon can provide relief from stomach gas, constipation. Consuming cinnamon milk can keep the digestive system better.

With the change in weather, the problem of cold and cough starts bothering. Taking cinnamon powder with honey in the morning and evening can provide relief from the problem of cold.

Calcium is found in good quantity in cinnamon, which can help in strengthening the bones. Consuming cinnamon can prevent bones from weakening.

Drinking cinnamon and honey mixed in lukewarm water can provide relief from joint pain. You can also massage your knees with its oil.

If you are troubled by the problem of obesity and want to lose weight, then consume cinnamon tea every morning. This can easily reduce weight.

Diabetes is one of the serious problems of today's time. But do you know that cinnamon is considered very beneficial for diabetes patients. Diabetes can be controlled by consuming cinnamon water.

Side Effects of Cinnamon

If diabetes patients consume it in limited quantity, then it works to control the amount of sugar in the blood. But if excessive consumption of cinnamon is done, then it can also cause low sugar.

Consuming cinnamon in excess can also reduce blood pressure rapidly. Its excessive use can also cause fatigue and dizziness.

Consuming cinnamon in excess can lead to mouth ulcers. Cinnamaldehyde present in cinnamon is a compound that can trigger allergy problems if consumed in excess. Not only this, a person may also experience a burning sensation in the throat along with white patches inside the mouth.

Excessive consumption of cinnamon can cause respiratory problems. The cinnamaldehyde present in cinnamon can cause sore throat, irritation and breathing problems.

Cinnamon contains a compound called cinnamaldehyde. If it is consumed in excess of the limit, it can cause allergies and reactions in the body.

Before adopting any health tips, consult a doctor. Because no one knows better than your doctor what is appropriate or how appropriate for your body

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Before adopting any health tips, consult a doctor. Because no one knows better than your doctor what is appropriate or how appropriate for your body

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