Cars giving 40 KMPL mileage are coming

The biggest concern of the large car-seeking population is vehicle mileage. The running cost of a small car currently available in the market is at least seven rupees per litre. That is, if you have to travel 15 km to the office every day, you will be charged at least 200 rupees per day for petrol. Due to which a large section of the lower middle class cannot afford a car even if they want to. Although car companies have tried to solve this problem through CNG and electric variants, but despite all efforts, both these options cannot be called completely successful. While CNG is limited to metros, the range and cost of electric cars is a major hurdle.

Cars giving 40 KMPL mileage are coming

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In such a situation, Maruti Company is bringing a vehicle that solves all these problems. Anyway, Maruti vehicles are very economical in terms of mileage. But, the company has now taken it one step further. Instead of turning to electric cars, it is currently focusing on hybrid vehicles. The company clearly believes that the current era is not entirely conducive to electric cars. That is why it is aggressively working on hybrid cars. A hybrid car uses a lithium ion battery based electric motor along with a petrol engine. Due to this, many functions of the car start working from the battery. This saves petrol and increases the mileage of the car.

According to a report, Maruti is soon going to bring a hybrid model of its most successful car Swift and Dzire. Maruti launched the Swift in the market almost 18 years ago in the year 2005. Since then it has been a constant best-selling car. The current Swift has a 1200cc petrol engine. It is a compact hatchback car. Around 30 lakh units have been sold so far. Even today it is one of Maruti's best selling cars. Its monthly average sales are around 15 thousand units.

Very economical car

The company claims about the current Swift that it gives a mileage of 22.38 km per liter of petrol. The company plans to make this vehicle a hybrid in the near future. It is being claimed that in such a condition, its mileage will increase to 40 km. That means this car will run 35-40 km in one liter of petrol. If we look at the current market price of petrol, from Rs 100 per liter per km, this running cost is two and a half to three rupees less.

There will be a price

According to reports, the price of this hybrid car could be one to one and a half lakh rupees more than the current Swift. Reports also say that the company will fit a proper power battery in it, which will make it a robust hybrid car. In this case, its mileage will go up to 40 km. It will become the most fuel efficient car in the country. After Swift, the company will also bring hybrid versions of Dzire and Baleno. All these vehicles will start arriving from the beginning of next year.

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Electric car distance

Maruti Suzuki is basically a Japanese company. All automobile companies in Japan are currently away from electric cars. There is a kind of discussion about electric cars in the world, while Japanese automobile companies are not accepting it properly. Besides Suzuki, Toyota and Honda are also Japanese companies. They rule the automobile industry all over the world. All of them consider hybrid technology more reliable than electric. Maruti Suzuki has already launched its Grand Vitara midsize SUV in the market based on hybrid technology. Its mileage is around 28 kmpl.

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Before adopting any health tips, consult a doctor. Because no one knows better than your doctor what is appropriate or how appropriate for your body

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