Komaki Ranger Electric Bike 2024

The craze for electric motorcycles is increasing rapidly in India and in view of the huge demand, new companies are also launching their products in this segment. One such product is the Komaki Ranger, which is an electric cruiser motorcycle introduced by Komaki Electric Vehicle Division. This electric cruiser bike was launched on 26 January this year and it has been receiving tremendous response for the last 8 months.

Komaki Ranger Electric Bike 2024

Actually, this electric two-wheeler is attracting a lot of people with its unique look and design as well as tremendous speed and battery range. We also experienced this bike and today we are present in front of you with a review article of Komaki Ranger, in which we will give all the information including the look and design of this electric bike as well as features, range, speed and price. We will also tell you whether you should buy Komaki Ranger or not?

Looks different and eyes are fixed on fatboy style

Let us now start with the look and design of the Komaki range along with all the externally visible features. The jet black color unit of this electric cruiser came to us for review and to be honest, it looks a bit different. Is. Komaki Ranger is seen in abundance of chrome. You will see chrome at various places throughout the bike, which catches your eye at first glance. Now let us tell you about its front and rear as well as side look one by one.

Starting with the front look of Komaki Ranger, it has a retro style main LED headlamp and along with it, two supportive halogen headlamps are also provided, which makes the look of this bike quite powerful. Along with this, LED turn indicator and large wind screen give it an aggressive look, which looks the most special externally from any cruiser bike. Now talking about its rear look, when you see it from behind, it looks quite muscular, with good positioning of turn indicators along with LED taillights. Apart from all this, another special thing which makes this bike attractive is its luggage carrier and dual sound pipes with flame effects, in which you can enjoy fake exhaust sound as well as tremendous flame.

Talking about the side profile and seat and other important things from Komaki Ranger Electric Cruiser, a fake fuel tank is also given to you as a showpiece, in which a fake fuel indicator is also visible along with the key installation setup on the top. The company has left no stone unturned in making this bike look beautiful and this is the biggest reason for its good sales. After all, the quality of cushion in the rest of the seats is fine and you get comfort in it. Back rest is also provided for the pillion rider. After all, the amazing footrests for both rider and co-rider will steal your heart and give you a good feeling while riding. After all, crash guards have been provided at various places, which is very important, because to make this bike light and comfortable to ride, a lot of fiber has been used in it, which is also very important to keep safe.

Is there anything special in the features?

Now talking about the features of Komaki Ranger, this electric cruiser is completely feature loaded. First of all, let us tell you that its handlebar is fantastic and both its sides are full of features. First of all, you get the instrument pod in the middle portion of the handlebar, which provides information about speedometer, odometer, trip meter, battery status, indicator and ride mode indicator among other things. Now talking about the switches of the handlebar and its functioning, on the left side you have the horn button, pass switch and indicator as well as Bluetooth connectivity, music system, volume up and down buttons, next and previous buttons. At the same time, headlamp, tail lamp switch, riding mode switch, reverse button, battery kill switch and cruise control button are provided on the ride handle side, in which you get call and message alerts. Here you are also given a USB charger, in which you can also charge your mobile. All these features play an important role in making Komaki Ranger the choice of users.

Battery range, power and speed

Talking about the battery, power and electric motor of Komaki Ranger Electric Cruiser, a 4kW battery pack has been provided. It has a 4,000 watt BLDC electric motor. Now talking about its battery range, first of all let us tell you that it has given you 4 riding modes like Eco, City, Sports and Super Sports. In eco mode its speed goes up to 40 kilometers per hour and the company claims that its battery range in eco mode is up to 200 kilometers. Whereas, in the second mode, i.e. City Mode, a top speed of 55 km and a range of 160 km is available. The third mode, i.e. Sports Mode, has a top speed of up to 65 kilometers and the company claims that in Sports Mode it can be driven up to 140-150 kilometers. Finally, in Super Sports mode, it can be driven at a top speed of up to 95 kilometers and in this mode it gets a range of 100-120 kilometers, the company claims. Let us tell you that since we did not get the bike for a long time, you may notice a difference in the battery range of Komaki Ranger here, because we did not get a chance to ride it on full charge.

Price, charging time, brakes and suspension

Talking about the price of Komaki Ranger, you can buy this electric cruiser for Rs 1.68 lakh (ex-showroom). That electric bike with great looks and features takes more than 4 hours to be fully charged and you can easily charge it at home. Talking about brakes and suspension, both front and rear of Komaki Ranger are equipped with disc brakes and it makes it easier for you to use the brakes while riding. This electric cruiser has 17-17 inch tubeless tires and has telescopic suspension. It has a side stand sensor, so unless you fold the side stand, this bike does not start.

Riding Experience and Speed

Now talking about the top speed of Komaki range, you can drive it in different modes at speeds ranging from 40 kilometers per hour to 95 kilometers per hour. Talking about riding experience, you enjoy driving this electric cruiser at high speed. While when you ride at low speed, you feel a slight jolt every now and then, when you cross 60, it feels as if this electric bike is flying in the air. In Super Sports mode, Komaki Ranger runs very fast and reaches a speed of 95 kilometers in a few seconds. Since this bike is light, you enjoy a lot when you ride it on the highway or empty roads and the handling is also good while riding. However, in potholes, you completely feel that you are riding an electric bike and there is a strong need to keep it away from potholes.

Some very special things about Komaki Ranger

There are many special things about the Komaki Ranger Electric Cruiser that we liked and the first one to talk about is the storage space. The Komari range is packed with storage space and with dual storage spaces you can keep your bike's charger as well as a whole lot more. To give the bike a cruiser style and muscular look, the company has provided luggage storage along with rear protection guard in it, which makes the rear look of this bike quite spectacular. Along with this, dual sound flame pipes also make this bike something different. In flame pipes you get to hear fake exhaust sounds and it attracts people towards itself.

Komaki Ranger Electric Bike: Click Here

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Now it is the turn of our decision that you can buy Komaki Ranger Electric Cruiser for its different look and good range as well as speed. However, if you look at the strength, you may be a little disappointed, but since this is the era of electric two-wheelers, you can ignore some things on the condition of saving money. If you travel 100-150 kilometers by bike every day, then Komaki Ranger is a good option for you, which has good battery range and speed as well as features.

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