Leaving Diu Daman Gujaratis clamor to go to this place!

We Gujaratis love to travel. Winter, summer and monsoon...in these three seasons we look for different places to visit. Currently, it is scorching hot in summer and it is very popular to visit hill stations.

There are many good hill stations in Gujarat too and there are air eating places in the surrounding states of Gujarat too. Nowadays Gujaratis go to hill stations in summer.

Gujaratis are very fond these days

One such place to eat air is very popular among our Gujaratis these days. You might think we are talking about Saputara, Don Hill Station or Wilson Hills here. But no we are talking about a different place which is in our neighboring state but very close to Saputara. It is also worth knowing why Gujaratis like it.

A wonderful place to visit

So if there is only one place to eat air in Gujarat then it is Saputara. But now places like Don, Wilson Hills are also famous as hill stations. But there is one place which is only 4 km away from Saputara but it is in Maharashtra. Gujaratis are struggling to get to this place.

It has become famous as a place to visit, including one-day picnics, but at the same time, Gujaratis seem to be reluctant to invest there.

So beautiful that Saputara is four steps away from him

You might be thinking, what is that in the space? Saputara is so beautiful and beautiful that it is four steps away from it, why do Gujaratis rush to visit this place, leaving it behind. Know the special reason... There are many places to visit in Gujarat where you can go and feel the peace in the presence of nature. Some enthusiasts reach here for relaxation.

What is worth seeing in Saputara?

First let us talk about Saputara. So, there are many places to see in Gujarat, but if you want to enjoy the true form of nature, you must visit the only hill station in South Gujarat. Boating, Step Garden, Sunset Point, Sunrise Point and Ritubhara Vidyalaya etc. are worth seeing here. This hill station of Gujarat is known as a weekend getaway.

For the people who like adventure, adventure sports, and such a beautiful living arrangement that the tourists who go to enjoy the hill station will feel like staying there. But a new tourist destination for Gujaratis is emerging nearby which can be said to be worrying for Saputara.

A new place where alcohol is allowed

The place we are talking about here is very close to our Saputara, at a distance of 4 km, but it is not in Gujarat but in Maharashtra. The name of this place which has become the new choice of Gujaratis is Hatgarh. Although you won't find many facilities, there are plenty of places for regular Gujaratis to visit but also to invest there.

1 thousand crore Gujarati investment

According to a report, Gujarati investors have invested more than 1 thousand crores in land and buildings in Hatgarh in the last one decade. The thing is that liquor is allowed here due to which it is emerging as a tourist destination. While there is liquor ban in Saputara.

The development which is increasing due to liquor exemption of Hatgad

Now luxurious hotels and resorts are being built in Hatgarh. The multi-crore resorts and hotels like Radiance Blue Five Star Hotel, Mahindra Club, Strawberry Hill Resort, etc. are testimony to the fact that Hatgarh is attracting a lot of people. The surprising thing is that most of the investment that is being seen is contributed by Gujaratis.

Hatgad Fort Video: Click Here

However, the growing development of Hatgad due to the concession of liquor is becoming a matter of concern for Saputara. The hotel owners of Saputara are also of the opinion that Saputara should now also be allowed subject to government regulations.

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Before adopting any health tips, consult a doctor. Because no one knows better than your doctor what is appropriate or how appropriate for your body

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