June Month Monthly Horoscope 2024

Mars Transit 2024: According to Vedic Astrology everyone transits at their own appointed time. Mars is going to change its position in June. In that case, people of some zodiac signs are going to benefit in a special way.

June Month Monthly Horoscope 2024

According to Vedic astrology each planet transits at a fixed time. Mars will enter Aries in June. Mars is also known as red planet. Mars is considered to be the ruler of prowess, adventure, strength, energy etc. If Mars is strong, there will be success in life. Along with this, there is also growth in rank and prestige.

Mangal Gochar With this one becomes adventurous, fearless and energetic. Mars is going to enter Aries on June 1. Many auspicious yogas are being created in such a situation. The transit of Mars in Aries will bring positive change in many signs. Let's know about the lucky ones.

Aries Monthly Horoscope

Aries Monthly horoscope 2024
જ્યોતિષ શાસ્ત્ર અનુસાર મંગળનું ગોચર મેષ રાશિના લોકો માટે વરદાનથી ઓછું નહીં હોય. વિદ્યાર્થીઓને આ સમયે વિશેષ લાભ મળશે. તમે સ્પર્ધાત્મક પરીક્ષાઓમાં સફળતા મેળવી શકો છો. રિયલ એસ્ટેટ અને પ્રોપર્ટી સાથે જોડાયેલા લોકોને ઘણા સારા સમાચાર મળી શકે છે. આ સાથે વિદેશ જવાના ચાન્સ છે. વેપારમાં લાભ થશે.

According to astrology, Mars transit will be no less than boon for Aries people. Students will get special benefits at this time. You can get success in competitive exams. People related to real estate and property can get a lot of good news. With this there is a chance to go abroad. Business will benefit.

Lucky Color - Purple, Number-5

Sagittarius June Month Horoscope

From June 1, people of 4 zodiac signs luck
તમને જણાવી દઈએ કે મંગળનો આ ચરણ ધન રાશિના લોકો માટે ફાયદાકારક રહેશે. આયાત-નિકાસના વ્યવસાય સાથે સંકળાયેલા લોકો માટે આ સમય સાનુકૂળ રહેશે. તમને નફો થઈ શકે છે. જો તમે વિદેશ ભણવા જવાનું વિચારી રહ્યા છો તો તમારું સપનું સાકાર થશે. તમને ભાઈ-બહેનોનો સહયોગ મળશે. તમને પરિવાર સાથે સારો સમય પસાર કરવાની તક મળશે.

Let us tell you that this phase of Mars will be beneficial for Sagittarius people. This time will be favorable for people involved in import-export business. You may profit. If you are planning to study abroad then your dream will come true. You will get support from siblings. You will get a chance to spend quality time with family.

Lucky Color- Brown, Number-8

Aquarius Monthly Horoscope

Aquarius Monthly Horoscope
જ્યોતિષ શાસ્ત્ર અનુસાર કુંભ રાશિના લોકો પર મંગળ કૃપા રહેશે. જો તમે કોઈ વ્યવસાય શરૂ કરવા અને ક્યાંય રોકાણ કરવાનું વિચારી રહ્યા છો, તો આ સમય શુભ છે. કોર્ટના મામલામાં તમને સફળતા મળશે. નોકરીયાત લોકોને આ સમયે પ્રમોશન મળી શકે છે. વિદ્યાર્થીઓ માટે આ સમય સારો રહેશે. સંશોધન સાથે જોડાયેલા લોકોને વિદેશ જવાની તક મળી શકે છે. પત્નીના સ્વાસ્થ્યનું ધ્યાન રાખવું.

According to astrology, Aquarius will be favored by Mars. If you are planning to start a business and invest somewhere, this time is auspicious. You will get success in court matters. Employed people can get promotion at this time. This time will be good for students. Those involved in research may get an opportunity to go abroad. Take care of wife's health.


Lucky Color- Orange, Number-2

Pisces June Month Horoscope

Let us tell you that the favorable result of Mars transit will be seen on Pisces people. People of this zodiac sign will get success during this period. You may get desired job opportunity. There are prospects of promotion in the field of work. Enemies will be destroyed and you will get a chance to go abroad.

Lucky Color- Yellow, Number-7


Moon will be in the sixth house, due to which you will get rid of debt. There will be opportunities for job transfer of unemployed people. For hotel-restaurant, electronics material or other expensive furniture businessmen, the day will be normal, they will be neither in profit nor loss position. You will be troubled by headache.

Lucky Color- White, Number-7


Moon will be in the fifth house, which will give happiness to children. Beware of scammers in job search as there is a possibility of getting scammed by a particular person. Profit and loss is everything in business, so handle all situations with patience, you will definitely get the expected profit when the time is favorable. The new generation will be able to propose marriage to their love partner, this proposal can turn the relationship into an alliance.

Lucky Color- Grey, Number-2


Moon will be in the fourth house, due to which land-house related matters will be solved. Jewelery and shopping mall owners should keep a watch on the customer's movement as the thief also steals away with the customer, due to which you may have to bear heavy losses. Sports person Starting the day, get up early in the morning and do yoga, meditation, then after bathing, perform your favorite pooja following the rules. Due to paternal wealth there will be arguments with family members and lack of mutual harmony. Do not be careless with food as it can lead to health deterioration.

Lucky Color- Pink, Number-4

Leo June Horoscope

Leo June Horoscope

Moon will be in the third house, through which friends and relatives will help, your energy level towards your work at work will be high, so you will continue to do your work with enthusiasm. A businessman should not disrespect any employees and subordinates even by mistake, respect them.

Lucky Color- Navy Blue, Number-1

Virgo June Horoscope

Virgo June Horoscope

Moon will be in the second house due to which matters related to ancestral property will be resolved. Take proper way to speak in front of seniors and boss at workplace, if you speak properly then your speech will be understood and accepted. Conducting coaching classes and map-navism businessmen should sit down with the employee and find out about their problems

Lucky Color Cream No-3


Moon will be in your sign, due to which confidence will increase. Do not leave any room for mistakes in your work at workplace, if there is any defect in the work, the boss can embarrass you in front of everyone, so work carefully. Avoid negligence in business government work as government employees can come anytime for inspection. The new generation has to learn from the activities happening around them and take care not to repeat the same mistake.

Lucky Color- Golden, Number-4


Moon will be in 12th house due to which legal matters will be resolved. Due to the composition of Grahana Dosha, get along with colleagues, seniors, juniors and bosses at work, maintaining good contact with them will help reduce your difficulties. Be transparent in dealing with trading accounts and avoid doing any kind of unethical work as in case of fraud you may also face legal action.

Lucky Color- Green, Number-6

Before adopting any health tips, consult a doctor. Because no one knows better than your doctor what is appropriate or how appropriate for your body

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Before adopting any health tips, consult a doctor. Because no one knows better than your doctor what is appropriate or how appropriate for your body

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